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9. Eric Bischoff Reveals The Main Reason Behind Him Joining TNA

During a recent edition of Bischoff on Wrestling podcast, former WCW President Eric Bischoff was asked the following question by a fan: “Any stories of you and/or Hulk Hogan clashing with Vince Russo over creative direction of your characters in TNA?”

Below is what Bischoff said:

“No. I was hired by TNA not because they necessarily wanted Eric Bischoff on the staff. That’s one thing I have heard Russo say. Out of the hundred things I have heard Russo say there’s about three or four that are actually true. I knew that they were only bringing me in because they didn’t have a choice. Hulk wouldn’t have come to TNA unless I was on the team to oversee all of the creative that was relevant to him. That was the only reason I came in. That only happened because Hulk knew that there was nobody on that team, especially Vince Russo because of past history, that he trusted. He didn’t trust their creative capacity. He didn’t trust their judgement. He didn’t trust their politics.

He didn’t trust anything about Vince Russo or anyone else on the creative team. So, that was part of Hulk’s negotiation. He said, “I’ll come in but I have to have complete control over my creative and Eric Bischoff is the voice. If it gets by Eric I’ll do it. If it doesn’t then I won’t.” That’s the only reason I got hired. Believe me, I know that.”

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