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Rumor Killer On Big Cass Getting Fired From WWE After Altercation With Carmella

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• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (March 17, 2002) – WWF WrestleMania X8

On this day in Pro Wrestling history on March 17, 2002, the World Wrestling Federation aired ‘WrestleMania X8’ LIVE on PPV from the SkyDome in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The 18th annual WrestleMania event featured the legendary “Icon vs. Icon” match of Hollywood Hogan versus The Rock.

This was the final WrestleMania under the “WWF” banner.

Here are the PPV results:

– WWF Intercontinental Championship: Rob Van Dam defeated William Regal (c)

– WWF European Championship: Diamond Dallas Page (c) defeated Christian

– WWF Hardcore Championship: Maven (c) vs. Goldust

– Kurt Angle defeated Kane

– No Disqualification: The Undertaker defeated Ric Flair

– Edge defeated Booker T

– Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Scott Hall

– Four corners elimination match – WWF Tag Team Championship: Billy & Chuck (c) defeated The APA, The Dudley Boyz and The Hardy Boyz

– The Rock defeated Hollywood Hulk Hogan

– Triple threat match – WWF Women’s Championship: Jazz (c) defeated Lita and Trish Stratus

– Undisputed WWF Championship: Triple H defeated Chris Jericho (c)

• Rumor Killer On Big Cass Getting Fired From WWE After Altercation With Carmella

Big Cass was released from WWE last year. His release came a few months after his in-ring return.

There were a lot of rumors going on regarding why Big Cass was released. One of these rumors stated that Big Cass harassed his ex-girlfriend Carmella and they had an altercation – which resulted in WWE releasing him.

Sportster posted this rumor in one of their recent articles and former WWE wrestler and Big Cass’ tag team partner, Enzo Amore, had the following to say about it:

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