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Ryback Claims He’s One Of The Safest Wrestlers Ever

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Many years ago, CM Punk accused Ryback of being unsafe and injuring him during a table spot.

Punk claimed instead of slamming him through a table, Ryback missed the table and slammed him right on the floor, which hurt him real bad.

Ryback once posted a video of this bump on TikTok (a platform which he thinks doesn’t hinders his reach, as he believes WWE works with Twitter to kill his reach on that platform), and showed how Punk did land on the table and how there was padding on the floor as well.

The Big Guy also claimed that Punk was jealous of him and did everything in his power to hold him back. He also said Punk didn’t have broken ribs, in fact he is the one who had cracked ribs while working with Punk overseas.

You can watch what Ryback had to say below:

Ryback now says he’s a safe wrestler. Here’s what the former Intercontinental Champion had to say in one of his recent live streams:

ā€œIā€™m one of the safest wrestlers. People who know, know. Those who know, know.

There is nothing more miserable than wrestling marks who complain about everything and you guys read the dirt sheets from the people that are mentally not all there.

Unfortunately it says a lot about yourself when you read and process that stuff and then come out and share those opinions from the same people.

Says a lot about you ‘Joel’ as a human being.ā€

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