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Ryback Gives 8 Reasons Why CM Punk Won’t Return To WWE

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In a new video, former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback spoke about the theoretical possibility of his former main event opponent CM Punk returning to WWE after Tony Khan recently fired Punk from All Elite Wrestling.

Here’s what The Big Guy had to say:

“This is why CM Punk is not going back to WWE. Number one, nobody likes him, from the boys in the locker room to the office personnel, absolutely despised.

Number two, he’s a pathological liar. I’ve seen it time and time again, and now we’re starting to hear about it more and more and more and more and finally everybody’s starting to see it.

Number three, he’s not the draw that everybody wants to try to say that he is. He never was and he never will be. Sure, he can get a spike here or there, but long term, he is incapable of improving ratings.

Number four, he’s fragile. He’s just not it. Number five, his ego is out of control. He will not come back and fall in line and be another spoke in the wheel of WWE.

Number six, did I mention nobody likes him? Number seven, he’s partially responsible for the downfall of pro wrestling ratings, because casual people look at Phillip Brooks and they just go, ‘that’s not that, that’s not it’.

Number eight, he failed horribly at UFC. He wanted to talk the talk and walk the walk. He thinks he’s a 290 pound machine like The Big Guy, Ryback, but the truth is that he’s a skinny-fat little boy trying to play in a man’s world, and it just doesn’t cut it. Casuals look at it, and they know that he’s not the real deal.”

Ryback was destined to be ‘The Next Big Thing’ in 2012, when he achieved an impressive 38 match undefeated streak, that could’ve easily continued for at least another year, if WWE hadn’t put him into the main event too quickly, in order to replace an injured John Cena.

CM Punk was going to drop the WWE Championship to The Rock at the upcoming Royal Rumble 2013 PPV, so they had to end Ryback’s streak somehow in the main event of Hell In A Cell 2012, and they did so with the referee turning heel and screwing The Big Guy.

After the undefeated streak ended, the bad booking for the up-and-coming top star continued and his push in WWE eventually came to an end.

He was released from his contract in August 2016 and then went on to wrestle on the independent scene, but has not been in the ring since August 2018.

Ryback recently announced that he will return to professional wrestling within the second half of 2023, but hasn’t announced which promotion he will work for yet.

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