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Ryback Responds To Former WWE Manager Who Called Him A Locker Room Cancer

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As we all know, former Intercontinental Champion Ryback challenged WCW Legend Goldberg to a match on the latter’s rumored retirement tour.

During an episode of his ‘Story Time with Dutch Mantell’ podcast, Dutch claimed that fans would not want to see a match between the 2 powerhouses.

Dutch Mantell said the following:

“I don’t think Ryback has been in the business long enough to claim dementia. I mean, I don’t know what he’s thinking.

I don’t think it could fill up a 2000 seat hall and if you put it on pay-per-view, you couldn’t charge but $10 for it or $9 and I don’t think they would get that many buys then.

Nobody wants to see Goldberg and Ryback.”

On a recent edition of his own podcast, Ryback responded to the former WWF/WWE Manager by saying the following:

“I sent Dutch a thing. Dutch was always very nice to me in WWE. And then he’d said some things on his show months back, saying I was a locker room cancer.

I just said, as I said to Jim, ‘Dutch, I would love to have a conversation’. Whether it’s on your show, you want to come on here if you want to have a live conversation.

I’m just curious; why the random heel turn on me? But everyone is going to have an opinion. There are going to be people that say yes or no.”

Most fans will remember old School territory wrestler ‘Dirty’ Dutch Mantell as Uncle Zebekiah (WWF), the manager of The Blu Brothers in 1995 and the manager of Justin “Hawk” Bradshaw (later known as JBL) in 1996, as well as Zeb Colter (WWE), where he managed Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro in 2013 & 2014 and also Alberto Del Rio in 2015.

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