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Sabu Rips Paul Heyman & Calls Him “The Devil”

In a recent interview with WrestleTalk TV, Sabu talked about working in ECW & Paul Heyman. Sabu ripped Heyman during the interview due to some past incidents.

Sabu talked about a time when he accidentally double booked an appearance and missed an ECW show because of it. Paul Heyman was very angry due to this and blasted Sabu publicly & fired him. Below is what Sabu said regarding this:

“He hurt my feelings, because he knew I built him as much as he thought he built me. Actually, I think I built him more than he built me. He didn’t build me. I was built, and I actually happened to work in the same place he did. So he didn’t build me. So for him to do that, it hurt my feelings. It was one day out of a lifetime, and I could have made it up. And he knew I would have made it up. He was a crybaby for that one day, and I had to make it.”

Sabu’s thoughts on Paul Heyman:

“As a wrestling mind and all that, he’s a genius. As a person, he’s the devil. Or close to it. I suppose the devil, he’s not that cool. If he was any cooler, he would be the devil. But as a wrestling mind, and all that, he has a way better mind than I do, and smarter than I am and all that. And he’s brilliant. Why do you think Vince [McMahon] has him around? And Vince is afraid to have him work for anybody else because whoever he works for is going to be very beneficial for it.”

On Paul Heyman holding personal grudges & hurting ECW:

“I’ve seen him do things out of spite and not out of good business. And when you’re the boss, you do things out of good business. You pay the guy back. If you want to punish a guy, you don’t have him embarrassed in the ring, and hurt his character, and hurt the company in the ring. You take it out on him in private or on his paycheck or whatever. But I’ve seen them punish guys and have him do humiliating things in the ring, and only he’s laughing, and it’s only to amuse him and to hurt them. And he didn’t just do it in the ring, he did other things to hurt people’s lives.”

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