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Santos Escobar Explains His Heel Turn On SmackDown

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Below are a couple of top SmackDown news stories of the day:

• On tonight’s episode of SmackDown, Santos Escobar came to the ring and said never meet your heroes. Escobar said he modeled everything in his career after Rey Mysterio. Rey became a father figure to him and made him feel at home. But after last week, he realized that Dominik Mysterio was right about Rey.

Escobar said he deserved to become the United States Champion, but Rey became champion. He wanted to rebuild the LWO, but Rey became the leader and brought in new members like Carlito. He said Rey sided with an outsider like Carlito instead of family like him.

Santos then apologized, for not attacking Rey harder. Santos hopes Rey never comes back and hopes Rey’s leg gets amputated after the knee surgery. Zelina Vega came out and slapped Santos.

Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro also came out and Escobar asked if they will side with Zelina. Escobar told them to get out as he doesn’t need them. Escobar then attacked them, which led to Carlito coming out. Escobar then left the ring.

• During an interview with BBC Radio, SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis said he’d like to see CM Punk return to WWE, despite all the backstage controversies he was involved in during his time in AEW.

Below is what Aldis said:

“He’s built & cultivated a huge fanbase, he sells a ton of merchandise, he moves numbers, he sells tickets, he puts butts in seats. Call me old fashioned but that trumps everything else.

There is a way for him to compete in WWE & I think that if it can be done and I think there is a way it can be really good business for everybody & I will wait with bated breath like everyone else to see if it happens, but if it does I’ll be excited to be involved with it.”

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