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“Scott Hall beat the f— out of Marty Jannetty” – Kevin Nash Recalls Hotel Room Incident

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Old School WWF Legend Marty Jannetty is known for saying and doing controversial things, but sometimes they don’t end well for him.

Speaking on his ‘Kliq This’ podcast, 2-time WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash recalled one incident which involved Scott Hall beating down Jannetty.

Nash revealed that Jannetty messed up Hall’s hotel room, which cost Hall money. It made Hall angry and he beat up Jannetty for it while he was sleeping.

Below is what Nash said:

“My favorite story is Jannetty, somehow got in Scott Hall’s room in Minneapolis and destroyed it.

Scott went in to get paid and Scott found out that they cut his pay because of his wrecked hotel, and he found out Marty did it.

Marty was sleeping in the other room, and he was sound asleep on a training table, and Scott beat the f**k out of him.”

Jannetty had the following to say about his incident during an interview with The Hannibal TV:

“[Dave Peterson] said, ‘Scott [Hall] has just come in and started pounding you while you were sleeping’.

At that point, I got so upset about it. I’m sitting there thinking, ‘So he just beat me up while I was asleep…’

[Scott] was big, man, 6’5, and boy, he was jacked back then, man. He was like 280 (lbs), so a big old boy, especially to my little 5’11 butt!”

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