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Scott Hall Calls “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith & Lex Luger “Failed Singles Wrestlers”, Davey’s Daughter Tells Hall To F*ck Off

Scott Hall

A Twitter user posted the following regarding Lex Luger and “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith being a tag team:

“Lex Luger & Davey Boy Smith were everyone a kid from the 90s wanted as a tag team.”

This led to WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall saying that Luger & Davey Boy were failed singles wrestlers. Below is what Hall posted on Twitter (and later deleted):

“You mean failed single wrestlers.”

This led to Davey Boy’s daughter, Georgia Smith, replying the following to Scott Hall:

“F*** you Scott Hall, my Dad was not a failed man in ANY way. Don’t have the fondest memories of you as a child, & haven’t seen much recently that makes me think you’ve changed. 3 of your 5 best matches involved my family, & you didn’t win one of them.”

Below is a screenshot:

Scott Hall Calls British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith A Failed Singles Wrestler, Davey's Daughter Tells Hall To Fuck Off

Davey Boy’s widow, Diana Hart Smith, had the following to say about this:

“Well said Georgia Smith & I say Scott Hall overrates himself. He’s a jealous, bitter wrestler who hated taking bumps, never went off his feet, was lucky he got anywhere in wrestling w/ his limited mentality & technical ability, but no limit to all of his fears aka weak!”

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