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Scott Steiner Allegedly Threatened To Kill Hulk Hogan

Scott Steiner threatens to kill Hulk Hogan

Scott Steiner threatens to kill Hulk Hogan

As we noted before, Hulk Hogan told the WWE Officials to prevent Scott Steiner from entering the WWE Hall of Fame 2015 ceremony because he had an “ugly incident” with Hogan’s wife.

It is being reported that Scott Steiner grabbed Hulk Hogan’s wife Jennifer at the airport and told her at he’s going to “kill Terry” as soon as he lands in San Jose. The Hogan landed to San Jose for WrestleMania 31.

Jennifer didn’t recognize Steiner and called Hogan immdiately following the incident and filed a complaint against Steiner the next morning. Cops are now investigating Steiner for “felony terrorist threats” & officials have already gathered airport surveillance video which shows Steiner confronting Jennifer.

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Most of the wrestling fans know that Scott Steiner hates Hulk Hogan and is pretty public about it and blames Hogan for the demise of World Championship Wrestling.

TMZ reached out for a comment from Steiner and here’s what he replied: “Typical Hogan. He’s just a punk.”

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