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Scott Steiner Rips Triple H On Twitter, Braun Strowman On If He Can Out-Drink Andre The Giant

Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner Rips Triple H On Twitter

Triple H recently appeared on The Tonight Show to promote SummerSlam 2017 and he went on to bodyslam Jimmy Fallon (actually it was some other guy that Triple H bodyslammed) through a table on the show. Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Scott Steiner didn’t like this and posted multiple tweets about it. Below is the complete summary of what he wrote:

“Candy a$$ Triple H still trying to convince WWE Universe that he’s a tough guy by slamming Jimmy Fallon. You’re not on the PPV #a$$clown..in a real fight my money’s on Fallon. Let someone who’s actually wrestling promote the PPV & get the mainstream press #PassTheTorch. #InsecureLilB***h. WWE wrestlers don’t have to wait till Monday for solar eclipse. They are blocked 365 days a year by that #sonofab***h.”

Braun Strowman On If He Can Out-Drink Andre The Giant

During a recent interview with RauteMusik, “The Monster Among Men” Braun Strowman was asked if he can out-drink the late great Andre The Giant (who drank over 100 beers/more than 73 liters in one sitting). Below is what Strowman said:

“No where near 73 liters. I don’t mind pouring a couple back and stuff like that, but I have to be responsible, the public eye is always watching me. It’s not 1970 anymore, everyone’s got a cell phone, ya know, we behave when we’re out in public.”

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