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Shane Douglas On Why Paul Heyman Was Lax As A Booker In ECW

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On an episode of his ‘Franchise University’ podcast, Old School Wrestling Legend Shane Douglas critiqued former ECW booker Paul Heyman.

Before Paul actually took over the promotion from Tod Gordon, he was already there as the booker for several years.

Here’s what The Franchise had to say:

“I think Paul was a bit too lax as a booker. In the everyday minute-to-minute management, somebody has to be the boss and those are the types of things where ECW found a bit of its Achilles’ heel.

The first time Sabu broke a table — and it elicited the response it did — all of a sudden everybody and their brother was breaking a table in a match. Same thing with chairs.

Mine of course was the F-bomb; suddenly everyone’s F-bombing all over the microphone, and that’s where I think Paul Heyman was lax as a booker.”

Paul Heyman also worked as a heel manager for pretty much all of the big promotions from back in the day, including the World Wrestling Federation / WWE (2001-2006 & 2012-now), Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling (1988-1993), Championship Wrestling from Florida (1987), CWA Memphis Wrestling, American Wrestling Association, … among several others, but he’s most famously remembered for his time with Extreme Championship Wrestling, a company he eventually ran as the promoter till it closed its doors in early 2001.

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