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Shawn Michaels Comments On CM Punk’s ‘Controversial’ Return To WWE

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CM Punk is back in WWE after almost 10 years and this is the biggest story in the world of pro-wrestling this week.

During an interview on the Cheap Heat podcast, 2-time WWE Hall of Famer and NXT booker Shawn Michaels had the following to say about Punk’s return:

“You know, stories like this are always fantastic, even if they are controversial. That’s part of what makes them fantastic. And so look, there are times, you know, I don’t always know what’s going on.

Truth be told, I don’t think sometimes they know what’s going on, but that’s what makes unpredictability just that unpredictable.

That’s what makes this job so fantastic and so unique, unlike anything else. And that’s why we’ve continued to thrive for 40-plus years as well.

Because in this line of work, what makes it so fantastic? You’re never 100% sure, even if you think you are. You’re just not being honest.

Of course, you’re just saying, ‘I know this is going to happen,’ but there’s always a little piece, and you’re going like, ‘I don’t know, you know,’ and again, to your point, I just felt I think everybody thought this was a bridge too far.”

As we reported before, Punk is currently listed as a “Free Agent” on the internal WWE roster sheet, which means he can appear on RAW, SmackDown & NXT.

Back in 2010, when he was feuding with Rey Mysterio, CM Punk terrorized Mysterio’s kids Dominik and Aalyah.

Fast forward 13 years later, Dominik is now a wrestler in WWE and is the current NXT North American Champion.

Punk teased a feud with Dirty Dom by posting the following on his Instagram story:

CM Punk Teases Feud With Dirty Dominik Mysterio WWE 2023 2010

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