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Shawn Michaels Comments On The WWE Departures Of Drew Gulak & Gable Steveson

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During a press conference to promote this Sunday’s NXT Heatwave PLE, Shawn Michaels was asked about the recent WWE departures of Drew Gable and Gable Steveson.

Gulak departed from WWE shortly after Ronda Rousey publicly accused him of harassing her backstage in WWE. Triple H noted during a post-PLE press conference that Gulak wasn’t released, but his contract expired and they didn’t re-sign him.

On the other hand, Steveson’s departure was related to him not being able to improve his in-ring performance.

HBK said the following about these departures:

“From my understanding, nothing on anyone’s part other than contracts being up. Certainly, in the place of Drew Gulak. From a company standpoint, there not being anything from a main roster standpoint that they were going to be using him in.

In NXT, over the last year and a half to two years, we’ve been trying to get into the process of keeping it fluid. It’s all about getting to the main roster when everything is said and done. In two or three years, if that doesn’t happen, we bring other people in or see if we’re ready to move on.

As far as Gable is concerned, he’s an incredibly talented guy. It’s amazing some of the things he can do. He’s a dude who lands on his feet. I wish him luck (in the NFL), and excited to see how that works out.

At NXT, we use people to the best of their ability, but from a main roster standpoint, if they feel there is not a place for them, and their contracts are up, from a business standpoint, they choose to move on.”

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