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Shawn Michaels Possibly Wrestling 5 Matches If He Returns, Update On His Opponents

The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels WWE 2018 2019 WrestleMania 35 WWE Super Show-Down

• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (September 9, 2016) – Old School Wrestling Veteran Passed Away

On this day in 2016, we lost Old School Midget Wrestling Veteran Lord Littlebrook (Real name: Eric Tovey) at the age of 87.

Lord Littlebrook was one of the most famous Midget Wrestlers in Professional Wrestling history, working for various major promotions such as the AWA, Georgia Championship Wrestling, Jim Crockett Promotions and the World Wrestling Federation.

Most Old Schoolers still remember him teaming up with Little Tokyo & King Kong Bundy to take on the team of Little Beaver, Haiti Kid & Hillbilly Jim at WrestleMania III.

During the late 80s he also became a manager in Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling, managing The Royal Family (Jack Victory & Rip Morgan).


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• Shawn Michaels Possibly Wrestling 5 Matches If He Returns, Update On His Opponents

According to the Fired Up podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels might be wrestling 5 matches if he decides to return to in-ring action.

However, not all these 5 matches will be against The Undertaker.

WWE officials have figured out 4 opponents (out of 5) for HBK and below is the list:

– The Undertaker

– AJ Styles

– Johnny Gargano

– Kevin Owens

On October 6, The Undertaker and Triple H will face each other for the ‘Last Time Ever’ in the main event of WWE Super Show-Down in Australia.

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels is expected to get involved in this match and this would lead to a match between Undertaker & Michaels.

Michaels is currently set to return from in-ring retirement on November 2 at WWE’s major show in Saudi Arabia and that’s where he’s expected to face The Undertaker.

Dave Meltzer also confirmed HBK vs. Taker rematch happening in Saudi Arabia as that’s the big money event.

Below is what Meltzer said:

“The working idea internally right now is that Michaels is coming out of retirement. Right now it is not for a singles match, and it is targeted, if not scheduled, for Saudi Arabia on November 2.”

Another reason Michaels is expected to work the Saudi Arabia show is that the Saudi Arabia Prince is a fan of Old School wrestlers.

Meltzer noted back in May that the Saudi Arabia Prince asked for the following 3 legends to work the Greatest Royal Rumble event – The Undertaker, Ultimate Warrior & Yokozuna.

While The Undertaker worked the event, the prince didn’t know that Warrior & Yokozuna are no longer with us.

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