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Shayna Baszler Reacts To Rumors Of Ronda Rousey Forcing WWE To Put The Women’s Tag Team Titles On Them

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Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler recently won the vacant WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship on RAW.

During a recent interview on the Cheap Heat podcast, Shayna revealed that Ronda demanded WWE to put them together in a tag team.

Below is what Baszler said:

“Ronda is Ronda, right. She’s been main title, she main evented WrestleMania. She still gets one of the loudest pops when we walk out. This was something she demanded.

We’d been asking for it forever, but she finally put her foot down and went to the office and said, ‘Listen, we’ve been asking for this forever. You keep telling us, ‘After, after, after this [and] this.’

I honestly don’t know if she hadn’t done that, if they ever would have got to it. I wasn’t in a position yet to be elevated to a Ronda level, so the fact that Ronda said, ‘No, stop. I’ve done this. I want to do this because this is why I started wrestling.’ So I think that’s huge.

She could be main eventing SummerSlam. She doesn’t have to be where she is, which is elevating these titles.

It’s just a direction that I don’t think they would have looked at, just because Ronda is who she is. As much as, love her or hate her, she brings eyes, and that’s the way she’s always been. She was that way in MMA.

I at least want people to understand, this is happening because she demanded it. She demanded to work with me as a friend, so it’s cool to have someone who truly isn’t out for themselves. In show business, that’s so rare, so it’s very cool.”

A Twitter page tried to twist Shayna’s words by writing that Ronda forced WWE to the Women’s Tag Team Titles on her & Shayna.

Shayna saw this and tweeted the following:

“Twisting my words. The demand was to team together. That’s it. Full stop.”

In two weeks on SmackDown, Ronda & Shayna will face NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn in a Title Unification Match.

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