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SmackDown Live Star Injured Again?

Big Cass

• Daniel Bryan Talks About His Mental Breakdown On Total Bellas

During a recent appearance on Talk is Jericho podcast, SmackDown Live Superstar Daniel Bryan talked about his ‘mental breakdown’ when filming the first season of Total Bellas and John Cena being stern about his house-rules.

Below are the highlights:

On his ‘mental breakdown’ when filming the first season of Total Bellas:

“We were filming the first season of Total Bellas, Brie and I are living in John’s house, there are all these cameras around us. We were there and it was super high stress and also when you’re going through something like that I would want to be around my friends and family and not to say that I don’t love Brie’s family because I do; but, those are not the people I am closest to.

I need to be around my family and I literally just had this mental breakdown where I just lost it and I ended up just leaving in the middle of the show…I missed their wedding because of my mental breakdown. They were going to do, Cathy, Brie’s Mom’s baccalaureate party that day and so I went back to Phoenix; but, I went back to Washington – there I kinda like mentally emotionally healed for a little bit and then I felt a lot better.”

On John Cena being stern about his house-rules:

“Things like you have to make your bed every morning. I forget what the rules are now. It was just like no shoes in the house and you have to understand how opposite this is from the way Brie and I live. I would go out and garden barefoot, come in with dirty feet and then like, ‘Ok that’s fine, we’ll clean it up when we get to it.’ If I have woodchips on my feet and come in and the dogs are running around and stuff – and keep in mind, Nicole and John had just gotten their French bulldog Winston and he was like a poop machine going all over the place.

We had our French bulldog and Josie bit John while both Brie and I were away. It was chaos. The whole thing was chaos….every week we had to do this dinner where we had to dress up and it was just like, it’s just not my thing. I don’t want to put on a suit ever. Why would I sit down with my family with a suit on? That doesn’t make any sense…some of these things he made to make more entertaining for the show; but, they were legitimate rules. You know how John is: he’s kinda like stern.”

• SmackDown Live Star Injured Again?

There’s a lot of speculation going on regarding SmackDown Live Superstar Big Cass getting injured once again.

At today’s WWE SmackDown Live Event in Amsterdam, Big Cass was involved in a tag team match where he teamed up with The Miz to take on the team of Daniel Bryan & Tye Dillinger and he was seen heavily limping during the match.

When the match ended, he didn’t leave from the entrance stage, but instead left from the side. Below are a couple of videos:

Either Cass (who returned from a torn ACL injury in April) is injured once again, or he is selling Bryan’s attack from this week’s SmackDown Live. You can watch it below:

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