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“Some of his stuff doesn’t hold up the way Bret’s does” – CM Punk On Shawn Michaels

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• “Some of his stuff doesn’t hold up the way Bret’s does” – CM Punk On Shawn Michaels

On a recent edition of the AEW Unfiltered podcast, current AEW Wrestler CM Punk revealed that he was a fan of Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart, ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper and Eddie Guerrero when he was a kid.

He talked about several Old School wrestlers having an influence on his professional wrestling career, which eventually made him a WWE World Champion.

Here’s what Punk had to say:

“I think you can see fingerprints of a lot of different guys with everything that I do. Obviously, I’m known as a talker, right, [Roddy] Piper was a guy that I watched religiously and I don’t think the majority of Roddy Piper’s greatness was realized, the stuff he did in California and in Georgia or with Jim Crockett Promotions. I think that stuff is light years better than any of the stuff he did in WWF. His WWF stuff was so great, but I think there were a bunch of hidden gems out there.

I think Bret Hart is the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be. I think his stuff holds up, I was a Shawn Michaels fan growing up because he was flashy and he was cocky, but some of his stuff doesn’t hold up the way Bret’s does. Bret’s timeless.

It’s corny, but he’s ‘The Excellence Of Execution’ and he called himself that. And at the time it was a cool nickname, but now I look back and realized that everything he did was fundamentally sound. He didn’t misstep once. Everything he did, there was a reason for it, you watch his matches and think that’s how you want to model yourself after.

Same with a guy like Eddie Guerrero, fundamentally sound but could do these amazing things. Like, his understanding of Lucha and how to incorporate that into the American style and make it make sense and like blow your mind, it’s tremendous.”

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• Old School Tag Team Wrestling Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Legendary Tag Team Wrestler Bobby Fulton (Real name: James Hines) turns 61 today.

Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers formed the famous Tag Team ‘The Fantastics’ in 1984 and ended up teaming till 1996.

They wrestled for several different territories, such as Mid-South Wrestling, Jim Crockett Promotions, World Class Championship Wrestling, World Wrestling Council and All Japan Pro Wrestling, among many others.

In 1990, Bobby’s real life brother Jackie Fulton (George Hines) replaced Rogers for a while as a member of the team.

Fulton and Rogers eventually ended up wrestling each other on WWF RAW IS WAR in 1997 as part of the World Wrestling Federation’s new Light-Heavyweight Division.


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