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SPOILER: Identity Of Mystery Hackers On SmackDown Revealed

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• ON THIS DAY IN NWA HISTORY (April 20, 1985) – NWA World Championship Wrestling

On this day in 1985, Jim Crockett Promotions aired an episode of their weekly TV show ‘World Championship Wrestling’.

This episode was pre-taped from the WTBS Studios in Atlanta, Georgia and featured matches & storyline segments on the road to the ‘NWA The Great American Bash 1985’ event.

The card of the show can be found here:

– The Russians Interview

– Buddy Landell vs. Mack Jeffers

– Tully Blanchard w/ Baby Doll interview

– Dusty Rhodes is presented w/ new T.v. title belt

– Magnum T.A. vs. Doug Vines

– Ric Flair Interview

– Ivan Koloff vs. Josh Stroud

– Paul Jones Interview

– Dusty Rhodes Interview w/ new title

– Abdullah The Butcher vs. Gene Ligon

– Tully Blanchard vs. T.J. Trippe

– Manny Fernandez & Thunderbolt Patterson Interview

– Dusty Rhodes vs. Krusher Khrushchev T.V. Title Match

– Another Manny & T-bolt Interview

– Arn & Ole Anderson vs. Gerald Finley & George South

– Magnum T.A. Interview

– Black Bart vs. Ron Rossi

– Thunderbolt Patterson & Manny Fernandez vs. Randy Barber & Jim Jeffers

– Arn & Ole Anderson Interview

• SPOILER: Identity Of Mystery Hackers On SmackDown Revealed

A couple of months ago, glitches started popping up on SmackDown during the show. Soon, it was revealed that a hacker was behind those glitches, who wants everyone to hear the truth.

He revealed earlier that Sonya Deville was the one to send Otis a message to be late for his date with Mandy Rose. This past week on SmackDown, he teased the splitting of a Tag Team.

It looks like some fans have discovered who the hacker is. And surprisingly, it isn’t one, but two wrestlers.

Fans have broken down the audio manipulation that WWE put over the hacker’s voice. They discovered that the dialogue belongs to both Mustafa Ali and Chad Gable.

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