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Spoiler On Shane McMahon’s Survivor Series 2017 Match, Discussion On WWE Writer Recently Getting Fired, Update On Big Show After His Hip Surgery

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Update On Big Show After His Hip Surgery

WWE gave the following update on former WWF Champion The Big Show (he recently underwent hip surgery):

“Big Show underwent surgery on his right hip on Sept. 29 after his brutal Steel Cage Match against Braun Strowman, and The World’s Largest Athlete shared a video update on his condition today on Twitter and Instagram.

In the video, Big Show is rehabbing his metal hip and jokingly says he will be “faster than greased lightning.”

Charlotte Flair cheered on the six-time World Champion as he undergoes rehab.

Big Show returned to the gym on Oct. 13, less than three weeks after his surgery.

Discussion On WWE Writer Recently Getting Fired

During a recent edition of “The Brand” podcast, Vince Russo, Glenn Gilbertti (WCW’s Disco Inferno) & Jeff Lane (co-host) discussed the recent firing of WWE writer Jimmy Jacobs. Below is their conversation:

Jeff: It was two episodes ago with the Bullet Club doing their invasion of Raw. Well, one of the WWE writers Jimmy Jacobs, who wrestled in Ring of Honor, he went outside and took a picture with The Young Bucks and he apparently got fired for doing this. He posted it on his Instagram. He put #BCinvasion #Raw #YoungBucks #BulletClub. So the rumor was that he got heat for this and got fired.

Well, today he put up a new shirt and it says unprofessional which leads me to believe he was told he was being unprofessional and got fired. So what are you guys’ thoughts on this?

Glenn: He was, absolutely was. If you’re the owner…. if you’re Vincent and you look at it, is that professional? That’s something you just don’t do.

I will tell you this. When DX invaded WCW, if the boys would have gone out there and taking pictures. Eric Bischoff would’ve probably fired them on the spot.

Those guys are doing a parody of your show, you’re going out there and endorsing it. That’s what happened. He could have suspended him. Firing…..That’s pretty rough. Suspending the guy could have been a course of action to let people know – “Hey, when you disrespect the company this is what can happen to you”.

Russo: Like Glenn said, maybe you just suspend the guy, but obviously bro he was invaluable to the freaking company. At some point these guys got to use their freakin’ heads. Act like a freakin’ grown up and an adult and you won’t get yourself in trouble.

Spoiler On Shane McMahon’s Survivor Series 2017 Match

As seen in the ending moments of this week’s episode of SmackDown Live, General Manager Daniel Bryan announced that Shane McMahon will return on next week’s episode of SmackDown Live.

This will be Shane McMahon’s first appearance since his big Hell in a Cell 2017 stunt & loss.

Regarding Shane McMahon’s next match, current plan is for him to team up with AJ Styles to face the team of Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn at Survivor Series 2017.

Speaking of next week’s SmackDown Live, AJ Styles will face Sunil Singh.

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