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Steve Austin Reveals Why He Doesn’t Want To Be “Stone Cold” Anymore

Stone Cold Steve Austin

During a recent Broken Skull Challenge Q&A session, WWF Attitude Era Legend Steve Austin revealed that his “Stone Cold” character is a thing of the past.

He said that he does not want his former WWF/E character to interfere with his current work as the host of his own reality TV show ‘Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge’. Here’s what The Texas Rattlesnake had to say:

“These days when I wake up, and you gotta remember it’s been 14 years since I’ve been doing that job, I am Steve Austin, period. There’s no ‘Stone Cold’ before it. Now, I can be going down the street where I live in Marina Del Ray and someone would go, ‘Hey Stone Cold.’ I get that all the time, but that’s not who I’m trying to be out here… Out here, I never want to be a blow-hard, I don’t want to trash-talk anybody, I don’t want to belittle or demean anybody.”

Whether Steve Austin will ever return to the WWE, at least for a single appearance, remains to be seen, but it’s safe to say that he will never have another wrestling match … those days are definitely over.

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