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Sting Wants Fans To Re-Subscribe To WWE Network To See Him Win WWE World Title

Sting as the WCW World Heavyweight Champion posted a video where Sting vows to defeat Seth Rollins at WWE Night of Champions 2015 to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, a title he has never held in his illustrious career.

In the video, Sting asks the fans to give WWE Network another shot and re-subscribe to the Network, so they can make history together at Night of Champions 2015.

Below is what Sting said:
“I’m not here to shake hands. I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to win the one thing that has evaded me my entire career. At Night of Champions, I will defeat Seth Rollins and become the new WWE World Hvt. champion. So, come back and let’s make history together!”

In case you missed it earlier, former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan revealed in an interview that doctors have cleared him to wrestle again, but WWE doesn’t want him to return at the moment due to his history with concussions. Below is what Bryan said:

“I have no idea. I wish I could give you a solid answer. I feel great. I have been cleared by doctors. But getting the WWE to clear me has been a little bit sticky, given my concussion history. They are just looking out for my best interests. We are trying to get with more doctors to get me more support to get me back in the ring as soon as possible.”

Bryan also talked about his dream opponents and wants a match which might end his career. Click here to read more.

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