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Up next is the United States Championship match between “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles and “The Prize Fighter” Kevin Owens.

Shane McMahon, who’s the Special Guest Referee for this match, makes his way out first. Owens is out next, followed by the United States Champion AJ Styles.

AJ immediately starts a brawl with Owens and Shane O’Mac separates them by pulling Owens back. After good back and forth action, Shane gets knocked down between an exchange between AJ & Owens.

Owens nails a Pop-Up Powerbomb on AJ in the meanwhile and Shane takes his time to reach them and count the pin, but AJ got enough time to recover and kick out. Owens gets in AJ’s face for this.

Shane gets knocked out of the ring again and AJ has locked-in the Calf Crusher on Owens in the meanwhile. Owens is tapping in the ring, but Shane has no idea about it. AJ gets in Shane’s face this time and they both shove each other.

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