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Up next is Raw’s first match on the SummerSlam 2017 main show, it’s Big Show vs. Big Cass with Enzo Amore being locked in a Shark Cage.

Enzo makes his way out first and cuts a promo, but he gets interrupted by Big Cass. Out next is former WWF Champion The Big Show. It should be noted that Big Show’s right hand is taped up (because of the attack from Big Cass and Gallows/Anderson on Raw).

The match begins and Big Show uses his right hand to throw a few shots and he immediately regrets it as he’s in pain. Enzo is constantly running his mouth from the shark cage.

Big Show manages to nail a KO punch, but it’s not enough as Show’s hand is injured and there wasn’t enough strength in it. Big Cass is now working on Big Show’s right hand and the World’s Largest Athlete is in a lot of pain.

Big Show nails a Chokeslams on Cass with his left hand, but Big Cass manages to kick out.

Enzo is so skinny that he’s actually trying to get out of the cage through its pillars and he actually manages to get out, thanks to his 150 lbs frame!

Enzo lands in the ring and immediately eats a Big Boot from Big Cass. Big Cass delivers a Big Boot to The Big Show, but Show kicks out.


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