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6. Ryback Comments On The New SmackDown Live Commerical Break Format, What He Would Like To See During Commerical Breaks

During a recent edition of the “Conversation With The Big Guy” podcast, former WWE Superstar Ryback talked about the new SmackDown Live commercial break format and how it affects the WWE Superstars. Below are the highlights:

On the new SmackDown Live commercial break format affecting wrestlers:

“Guys have to now work the match through a break like it’s not a break. So for people out there listening, because pro wrestling has been completely exposed now and it’s all fake, when a break comes up, we all love this because we don’t do s*** during breaks and the crowd suffers greatly. So now you’re going to have to treat it like it’s live even though nobody’s going to be paying attention to the little goddamn box on the screen. You don’t kill yourself during the break. You’re not typically doing superplexes and things you know. You might throw a guy into a barricade and then go taunt the crowd for a minute. You’re not doing anything crazy. Do you know what I mean because it’s not being shown on television?”

On what he would like to see during the commercial breaks:

“I think they should cut out to a small box of Vince in gorilla. Do you know how many people would watch Vince just tweeting on his phone or just f***ing sitting there eating a protein bar or having a shake? I wouldn’t go to the bathroom. That’s what they should f***ing do, a shot of gorilla during the f***ing break! That’s what I want to see.”

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