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11. VIDEO: CM Punk’s Heated Verbal Argument On MTV Show

During last night’s MTV’s “The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros” episode, former WWE wrestler CM Punk had a heated verbal argument with fellow show member Johnny Bananas.

Punk lost in a challenge on the episode and then talked about how he’ll live to fight another day. This led to Johnny talking about how Punk’s the first person ever to lose and be happy about it, and then said that he wouldn’t brag about it.

This led to Punk asking him what he does for a living and below is what Johnny replied:

“I’ll tell you what I don’t do, I don’t go to the UFC and get my a$$ whopped, that’s what I don’t do.”

Below is what Punk said after this:

“I was going to either win gloriously or die a glorious death, and that’s something that someone like you is never going to understand because they wouldn’t let you in because no one would pay a dime to see your a$$.”

Things then ended with Johnny saying the following:

“I get it that that’s your persona in life and it’s got you nowhere in life, so keep it up dude. You couldn’t make it in wrestling, you got your a$$ handed to you in MMA and now you’re trying to make it at this!”

You can watch it below:

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