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5. 5 Star Wrestling Promoter Now Willing To Pay More Than $1 Million To CM Punk

We noted before how the promoter of 5 Star Wrestling promotion, Daniel Hinkles, offered $1 million to former WWE wrestler CM Punk to return to pro wrestling and compete in their 128 man tournament.

Hinkles is now willing to pay more than $1 million to Punk for a return and had the following to say during a recent appearance on The Pancakes & Powerslams show:

“I’ve never seen CM Punk’s UFC contract. We know that he had the fight, we know that he is a part of a multi-fight deal. We’ve also seen Dana White come out and say he’s not going to fight in the UFC again. And we’ve seen Punk come out and say he’d love to. I’m not suggesting for a second that what 5 Star Wrestling would do would take precedence over that. What I’m saying is, if Conor McGregor, the Lightweight Champion of UFC, can go and box Floyd Mayweather, why the heck can’t CM Punk come and make a million dollars wrestling. If the lightweight champion can go out and actually lose in a real fight, in the world of fighting, the last thing thing you want is your real champion go and lose in another sport.

But what we do is a bit different. If CM Punk returns to professional wrestling, it would be an iconic moment, a great moment, that could really kickstart his return. He could go back to the WWE, and they would pay him fortunes to do that, far more than we could ever offer.

But what we could do is say that you can go do that for a company where you’ve already left, and we don’t know the real circumstances behind that, that’s his thing. But, he can come and really kickstart something here. He could come and be the guy that took this company to the top level.”

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