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“Talking about an age gap when your own daughters are almost 20 years apart” – AEW Employee To The Rock

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Roman Reigns and The Rock came out in the main event segment of SmackDown. The Rock debuted a new thunder-filled entrance. Roman hugged Rock and told the fans to acknowledge “us”. Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins then came out from the crowd instead of the stage. The security then surrounded the ring.

Cody said he feels very lucky to be standing in this ring and that the 4 of them should take a moment to feel this moment in a sold out Dallas, Texas arena. Cody asked Rock if he has the authority to add the stipulation to the tag team challenge at WrestleMania 40, because Rock acknowledged Roman as The Tribal Chief last week.

Rock told Cody to shut his mouth and told the walking clown emoji Seth to shut his mouth before he even opens it, and the crowd cheered big time. Rock announced the stipulation once again and Seth told Rock to shut up.

Seth called Rock “Mr. Mid Life Crisis” and said he had his time, he can’t take their time. Seth accepted the challenge for the biggest tag team match of all time.

Roman laughed and asked Cody if he’s going to let Seth answer for him. Rock reminded Cody and Seth that he’s their boss and added another stipulation to WrestleMania 40:

If Cody doesn’t finish the story at WrestleMania 40, then Cody will never get to compete for the WWE Championship again.

Rock talked about Cody’s siblings. Rock said Cody is 20 years younger than his siblings because he was a mistake. Cody then slapped The Rock and the show went off the air.

You can watch it below:

After the show ended, The Rock didn’t do anything to Cody and left the ring. You can watch it below:

Cody’s sister Teil Rhodes tweeted the following about The Rock’s promo:

“Um we are 3 years apart. He’s just mad we are an actual family.”

AEW employee Amanda Huber (Brodie Lee’s widow) tweeted the following about this:

“Talking about an age gap when your own daughters are almost 20 years apart is a weird choice…”

Amanda later followed up with the following tweet:

“The amount of people in my replies

‘He’s a HEEL’

‘You know it’s scripted right?’

‘Why are you so sensitive about this?’

I thought it was a funny tweet about a tv show I watch. Damn. It’s not that serious.”

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