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Tattoo Artist Recalls A Crazy Incident That Made The Undertaker Freak Out

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• The Miz Refuses To Face Daniel Bryan At SummerSlam 2018

WWE posted the following:

The Miz says he will not face Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam

“This past Tuesday on SmackDown LIVE, Daniel Bryan challenged The Miz to a one-on-one match at SummerSlam. The A-Lister’s answer to The “Yes!” Man, however? No.

Miz took to social media, releasing a video responding to Bryan’s challenge. Miz said that with all that he has going on and with him being in the prime of his career, he felt no need to take on Bryan simply because Bryan laid down the gauntlet. For The Miz’s full range of thoughts on his bitter rival and the challenge he is declining, check out the video below.”


The answer is NO.

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• Tattoo Artist Recalls A Crazy Incident That Made The Undertaker Freak Out

During an interview with the Inked, tattoo artist Paul Booth shared a story about an incident that freaked out The Undertaker while he was working on him.

Below is what Booth said:

“I was at a [tattoo] convention, I would say it was the early 90’s. I’m tattooing in my hotel room, I was working on The Undertaker, the wrestler actually. We worked up in my room so no one would bother him. My manager came up from the convention floor saying there were some metalhead kids here dying to meet me and they had this special gift for me.

So they brought them upstairs to the room and they said, ‘yeah we got a head for you.’ I’m like, ‘a head?’ They were like, ‘yeah we were partying in a cemetery the other night after it rained and there was a mudslide and we found a head in the mud and we thought you should have it.’

I said, ‘oh cool, let’s go get it’ — it’s in the trunk of the car and The Undertaker was kind of freaked out by the whole thing so he didn’t come along but I ran down, because I’m weird and disturbed, so why wouldn’t I?”

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