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“That Is No German Suplex!” – WWE Hall Of Famer Says She Cringes Every Time Brock Lesnar Does It

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It certainly seems like WWE Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze (aka Madusa) isn’t exactly a fan of Brock Lesnar’s suplexes, especially because of the way he performs his German suplexes.

Alundra was known to perform German suplexes in her matches, so she could justify having some sort of expertise on this topic.

Here is what she said about the move in a recent interview with Monthly Puroresu:

“You really need to learn it and nail it because if you don’t, you’re gonna get hurt. And then your opponent can get hurt really, really bad. That’s why it scares me every time I see Brock Lesnar try to do a suplex.

I cringe every time. Brock does that, whatever he calls a German. I yell every time. I’m like, Suplex City my a$$. That is no German suplex!”

In the same interview, Alundra Blayze talked about her favorite opponent Bull Nakano, and their rivalry in the WWF and later in WCW:

“It was so beautiful. And I keep telling people, with Bull, I mean she knew some English by then, right? But if you could watch our match, we never spoke to each other. We never spoke to each other. You do a move, you go with it, you counter it, and I know you can see some things that don’t mold or anything, but it’s like real wrestling then, you know what I mean?

It’s like catch wrestling, right? There’s a few things that you do to the other person without talking so they know that ‘Hey, I’m, I’m coming back on a high spot or something’ without even talking.

So like, if I go to throw somebody in the ring, right… Or, let’s say I’m pushing Bull Nakano into the ring, and I always have my hand on their chest. Or, when you’re pushing someone back and the other one’s hanging onto their hand, and I’m pushing back, and then I go to push ’em off.

Then my hand goes behind their neck, and you give ’em a little eggy to kind of scratch the back of their neck. And then they know to reverse the situation and put the heat on them.”

During her career, Madusa aka Alundra Blayze wrestled for several major promotions, including Verne Gagne’s American Wrestling Association (1986-1989), the World Wrestling Federation (1993-1995) and Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling (1991-1993 & 1995–2001).

Unfortunately, she is best known for an infamous 1995 incident on WCW Monday NITRO, where she threw the WWF Women’s Championship in a garbage can.

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