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“That tells me this dude does not know how to get himself over without relying on cheap easy heat” – Eric Bischoff On CM Punk Burying Hulk Hogan

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• “That tells me this dude does not know how to get himself over without relying on cheap easy heat” – Eric Bischoff On CM Punk Burying Hulk Hogan

CM Punk joined Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling in 2021 and managed to win the AEW World Title twice (and got injured during both reigns), but got suspended over a backstage brawl that took place after the All Out 2022 PPV.

During a recent special ‘Strictly Business’ edition of his ’83 Weeks’ podcast, former WCW President Eric Bischoff stated that he believes Punk was overhyped when he was signed by AEW.

Here’s what the 2021 WWE Hall of Famer had to say:

“Part of me jokes around about busting Philip’s (CM Punk) balls because I just I’m not impressed with him. I think he was overhyped and when I say that, look, I understand he came to AEW with a massive amount of mystique and there was a buildup and he did a good job of maintaining that mystique. But, he lost me in his first promo.

I mean he showed his a$$ in such an obvious way to me in his very first promo when he went out there and buried Hulk Hogan. Now, I’m not saying that because I’m friends of Hulk Hogan, I’m saying that because Philip has never worked with Hulk Hogan.

Philip doesn’t know Hulk Hogan and what Philip was doing was Philip was trying to get himself over with the dirtsheet community, mostly Meltzer’s fanbase by burying someone that Meltzer has been burying for 25 or 30 years in order to get himself over and what that does to me if you’re playing poker with somebody like that, that’s a tell.

That tells me this dude does not know how to get himself over without relying on cheap easy heat and that’s what that comment was and I think when you come out as a professional at that level and you’re relying on cheap easy heat regardless whether it’s Hulk Hogan or any other insert any other big name here that you don’t know and you’ve never worked with I think that’s a tell and minute that happened I went, ‘this guy is not everything he’s cracked up to be’ because if he was, he wouldn’t have to do that and it all went downhill from there.

But, let me just say this – I don’t know what went on behind the scenes with The Elite and the backstage drama, conspiracy theories. I’m not discounting it, I’m not discounting that Philip has a b***h. I’m not discounting that perhaps Philip was justified in being really really pissed off.

I still don’t think he should’ve done what he did at the press conference. That should’ve been a conversation that Philip had with Tony Khan offline privately one-on-one maybe with an attorney present then it could’ve been productive as opposed to going out there and again showing your a$$, burying the guy that’s writing your cheques, burying your entire locker room, the roster that you have to work with. I just, again, that’s a tell, it’s a big tell.

I do believe that there might’ve been some fire behind all that smoke and why he was upset and if you have that kind of drama going on backstage whether it’s 10 percent real of 80 percent real whatever it is one of us will probably ever know unless you were involved.

It’s just unhealthy for everyone nobody’s gonna come out of it good, everybody’s gonna come out of it dinged and I think it will be better for everybody just to go their separate ways.”

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