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‘The Big Show’ Paul Wight Reveals When He Plans To Retire From Pro Wrestling

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The Big Show, now with AEW under his real name Paul Wight, is both an active pro wrestler and serves backstage.

He discussed his wrestling future and retirement plans on the ‘Battleground’ Podcast, mentioning his upcoming match, where he will team up with Chris Jericho & Kenny Omega to take on The Don Callis Family.

He can also appear as his 1998 movie alter-ego Captain Insano (from ‘Waterboy’) thanks to Tony Khan. It remains to be seen what’s next for him in All Elite Wrestling, but it seems he’ll continue to have an active role in the company.

Here’s what the former WCW/WWF/WWE/ECW World Champion had to say about when he’ll retire from active in-ring competition:

“I probably got a year-and-a-half, two years left before I retire. It’s just really about trying to help this younger talent and then moving on to that commentary role, and then it’s up to the younger talent.

Right now I’m still froggy and want to have fun and play a little bit, but I’ve had plenty of matches, I’ve done plenty of tours, I’ve had plenty of rivalries and right now it’s kind of like, helping the product out.”

The World’s Largest Athlete first wrestled for World Championship Wrestling (WCW) as The Giant from 1995 until he left and joined the World Wrestling Federation in 1999 and became known as The Big Show.

He left the (renamed) WWE in 2007 but returned the next year in 2008 and stayed loyal to the company until he left for All Elite Wrestling in 2021.

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