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“The guys who are true main event stars are legit stars” – AEW Star Defends Vince McMahon’s Booking

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• “The guys who are true main event stars are legit stars” – AEW Star Defends Vince McMahon’s Booking

During a recent interview on the Swerve City podcast, WWF Legend & current AEW Superstar Chris Jericho talked about Vince McMahon’s retirement from WWE.

Jericho noted that there are both pros & cons to Vince leaving WWE – pros will be seen right away, while cons will take time for the fans to see.

Despite his questionable booking decisions in recent memory, Jericho praised McMahon for creating true main event stars.

Below is what Y2J said:

“I can go back working for him for 17-18 years. Obviously, there are Vince-isms and Vince-foibles that don’t make sense, but I did learn a lot about the psychology of the business and how to be a star, how to conduct yourself, how to be a true main eventer and money draw.

I think the pros, if that’s the right word, the pros of Vince leaving WWE will be seen very quickly. There are a lot of changes right off the bat, very refreshing. Lots of in-ring time. The cons of Vince leaving won’t be felt for a few months, maybe more, six months, a year.

There are a lot of things that Vince did, little things, and I know people bag on him for his recent booking, and obviously there was a habit he had, but the guys who are true main event stars are legit stars. Legit stars. You can spot them from a mile away.

Look at the difference between Drew McIntyre now, prior to the last run he had. Vince worked with him to make him a top guy and top star. Same with Roman (Reigns). Completely different now than it was before he turned heel. Brock as a babyface, I can tell Vince worked with him as being a babyface. You can spot it. I can see it. Tough guys usually don’t want to smile.

Triple H never really wanted to smile. Babyfaces smile. That’s part of being a badass, you open that door of personality. A lot of those guys are working in Vince’s image. Steph has obviously been trained from day one. Hunter has been trained from day one.

All of Vince’s principles will probably still be used, but there is something to be said. I can be in a band with Eddie Van Halen and we’re in Van Halen, he’s the greatest guitar player in the world. He quits Van Halen, I bring in Steve Vai, who is just as good of a player, but he’s not Eddie Van Halen, he’s not a genius in the same way.

Vince is a once in a generation genius. People can watch this and say, ‘You’re standing up for him,’ I’m not saying anything outside the ring or whatever, I’m just saying, from what I learned about the business from him and Pat Patterson, another genius. Vince learned from Pat too. Learning in that era, it’s something that will end up hurting in the long run, by no fault of anybody’s own, just time moves on.

That’s one of those guys that saw the business differently from anybody else. It’d be great if he would still be able to be there to consult, but I don’t think Vince is going to consult anything.

When he decided to leave or was asked to leave, whatever the story is, I don’t think he can be a guy that can hang around on the outskirts. He’s gonna have to go and find something else he loves to do.”

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