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The Rock Acknowledges Roman Reigns, But Dropped A Hint That He’ll Turn On Him

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WWE Champion Roman Reigns kicked off tonight’s SmackDown and wants to leave already because the fans didn’t acknowledge him loud enough. Paul Heyman told him that they can’t leave because The Rock is about to come out. Roman wasn’t happy about this.

The Rock came out to a huge pop and asked the fans if they’re sure they want to boo him.

Rock asked the fans in Glendale, Arizona if a lot of fans here tonight are from Phoenix. The fans cheered and Rock said it makes sense as Phoenix is #1 in cocaine and meth consumption.

The Rock addressed Cody Rhodes’ challenge. Rock said that match won’t happen just because Cody wants it. Rock then said:

“You know who else wants to go one-on-one with The Rock? Every woman in this arena.”

Rock said the singles match won’t happen and that The Bloodline has a counter offer.

The Great One said the new challenge is: Night 1 of WrestleMania 40 – the biggest tag team match in the history of WWE – The Rock & Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes and the walking clown emoji aka Seth Rollins.

Rock said if Cody and Seth can win this match, The Bloodline will be barred from the Roman vs. Cody match on Night 2, it’ll be just Roman and Cody one-on-one in the ring.

However, if Rock and Roman win this match, then Roman vs. Cody on Night 2 will be “Bloodline Rules”, which means anything goes. Anything means anything, if Solo Sikoa wants to sing the national anthem in that match, then he will. Rock said Solo has a good voice and fans chanted a “Solo” chant. If Heyman wants to use a chair in that match, then he will.

Rock told Cody and Seth to appear on next week’s SmackDown in Dallas to answer the challenge.

The People’s Champion said if Cody and Seth don’t accept this challenge, then he will do everything in his power to make sure Cody doesn’t win the WWE Championship. Rock said nobody in the back can do anything about it because he’s the boss.

Rock ended his promo by doing “If you smell”, but Roman stopped him. Roman then got the mic from Heyman. Roman said he’ll do anything for his family, but he needs this one thing. Reigns then looked at The Rock and told him to acknowledge him. The fans chanted “holy sh*t”.

The Rock then said:

“Roman Reigns, my family, I acknowledge you as my Tribal Chief.”

Rock and Roman then shook hands in Bloodline style and hugged. Fans chanted “you sold out”. Rock said let me explain you idiots that we are family and told the fans to go home and smoke some more crack.

The Rock then ended his promo by saying “If you smell”, but then stopped and gave the mic to Roman, who ended it by saying “what The Bloodline is cooking”.

Everyone raised their finger in the air and Rock once again made the “L” sign instead of the finger, thus hinting that he might turn on Roman.

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