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The Rock Gives An Update On His Gruesome Injury (Photo)

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The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson sustained an elbow injury on the set of his latest film, “The Smashing Machine,” which chronicles the life of MMA legend Mark Kerr. In a video shared by The Rock, he detailed the incident, expressing concern about potential soft tissue damage.

“I got banged up pretty good today in our scenes,” The Rock stated, showing visible discomfort. He described the sensation as having a cantaloupe lodged at the bottom of his elbow, indicative of significant swelling. Despite the injury, he remained in high spirits, noting that “the pain feels pretty good”.

Reflecting on past injuries, The Rock mentioned his preference for using anti-inflammatories to manage pain. Humorously, he highlighted his own Teremana tequila as the most effective remedy. Despite the current pain, he indicated it wasn’t severe enough to keep him away from the gym, where he planned to continue his rigorous fitness routine.

Here’s what The Final Boss said:

“Since you guys know, I am filming a movie called The Smashing Machine and anytime your film is called The Smashing Machine, well you are gonna get smashed up.

The Rock Dwayne Johnson Elbow Injury The Smashing Machine Movie Film June 2024

(Shows his elbow) Look at that sucker right there, it’s like having a cataloupe up my elbow. I got banged up pretty good today, you know scenes and there might be some soft tissue damage, that’s a lot of fluid, we’ll see, I got to get it out of there first before I got any kind of MRI.”

In an update, The Rock provided some good news about his injury:

“Elbow got kissed by the boo boo monster

No extensive tissue damage.

Ruptured bursa sac that will eventually heal.

I’ve had much worse, and as always let pain – and tequila – be the guide. Back to work.

(thank you all for the love and healing/medicine recommendations. I’m good)”

The Great One also shared the following photo:

The Rock Dwayne Johnson Elbow Injury Ruptured Bursa Sac June 2024

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