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The Rock Looks Even More Unrecognizable In New Photos From His Movie

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The Rock’s next movie will be “The Smashing Machine”, based on the life of UFC Legend Mark Kerr. This movie will also feature Emily Blunt.

In April, Rock said this movie is a love letter from him to all the friends he has lost to addiction. Here’s what he wrote:

“From the wrestling ring to the MMA cage.

With WrestleMania behind me – my second training camp of 2024 begins tomorrow for my next role, in a film titled – The Smashing Machine.

My body’s banged up from Mania, but no injuries and feeling great – ready to go.

Starting my MMA workouts tomorrow.

I’m coming into this in pretty good conditioning and cardio shape, but MMA is a different animal.

And Mark Kerr was a ‘one of one’ monster.

I run to this Smashing Machine journey with deep respect and love for all MMA fighters and the culture.

Especially those who have struggled with addiction.

I’ve lost so many friends (wrestlers) over the years from addiction and mental health struggle – from suicide too, it was just their time to go.

This is my love letter to them.

Let’s get to work.”

Dwayne Johnson is looking unrecognizable in this movie. You can check it out below (The Rock as Mark Kerr is on the left and Mark Kerr from back in the day is on the right in the photo below):

The Rock Dwayne Johnson As Mark Kerr UFC Legend The Smashing Machine Movie Film

More photos of The Rock as Mark Kerr have surfaced online and he looks even more unrecognizable in those. You can check them out below:

The Rock Dwayne Johnson Smashing Machine June 2024 Unrecognizable Mark Kerr Old Age

In this movie, The Rock will be taking on the new Boxing World Heavyweight Champion Oleksandr Usyk (he defeated Tyson Fury last month to become champion), who will play the role of MMA Legend Ihor Vovchanchyn. Ihor Vovchanchyn fought Mark Kerr in real life and won via KO, which was later overturned to a no contest when the knees were deemed illegal.

The Rock wrote the following about this on Instagram:

“Don’t break my jaw champ

An honor to have the newly crowned Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World @usykaa join our cast of “The Smashing Machine”.

Usyk will play the role of Igor Vovchanchyn – the real life Ukrainian MMA legend who had legendary fights during the extreme no holds barred era of Mixed Martial Arts and one historic fight against the Smashing Machine himself, Mark Kerr.

I have huge respect for Oleksandr Usyk and will be my honor to share the ring with him – as he knocks my jaw into next week

Looking forward to working with you my brother.”

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