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The Rock Reacts To Roman Reigns’ Statement About WrestleMania 40 Loss

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The record-setting 1,316-day Undisputed WWE Universal Championship reign of Roman Reigns is over. However, The Tribal Chief isn’t taking rest and is back training at the gym already.

He posted a video of him doing cardio and wrote the following:

“Yesterday I mourned.

Today is Day 1.”

He posted the same video on Instagram, but changed the “I” to “We” in his caption, as he wrote:

“Yesterday WE mourned.

Today is Day 1.”

It looks like The Head of the Table heard the “Thank you Roman” chants on last night’s RAW.

The Rock saw Roman’s post and wrote the following:

“I know that gym. Day 1. F**k. Yes.”

As we noted before, WWE posted the following unseen footage of The Tribal Chief after his loss at WrestleMania 40:

Below is more unseen footage of Roman after his loss:

During the WrestleMania 40 – Night 2 post-show press conference, Triple H said there’s a lot of banter about the greatest of all time. You can measure that by a lot of metrics. He went on to say Roman Reigns is absolutely one of the greatest of all time.

HHH said Roman did all of this despite the health issues he has to deal with. Epic matches, epic storytelling.

He said Roman changed the industry and that the The Tribal Chief is going to start a new story now that’s going to blow the fans’ minds.

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