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The Rock Returns To RAW After 8 Years

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The Rock vs. Roman Reigns might happen soon!

Former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal returned and everyone is disappointed. Mahal called out the fans for having the audacity to be disappointed at the return of The Modern Day Maharaja. Mahal said people boo him because he looks different.

Mahal began disrespecting USA and The Rock came out! This is The Rock’s first appearance on RAW in 8 years!

The Rock said Jinder is right about one thing – he’s no Iron Sheik. Rock said if Sheik was still here, he’d say who’s this dirty son of a b*tch jabroni!

Rock said if Jinder was one of his movies, he’d be Baywatch! Rock said he has never seen Baywatch and then asked if Jinder has ever watched Baywatch. Jinder was about to answer and Rock said it doesn’t matter!

Jinder said Rock can’t disrespect him because he’s the Modern Day Maharaja. Rock said Jinder is actually the Day 1 Douchebag, and then made the fans chant it!

Rock began singing a song about how Jinder is jacked but has no balls. Mahal attacked The Rock, but Rock laid him out with a Spinebuster and the People’s Elbow!

The Rock said he’s hungry and asked the fans if he should sit at the “Head of the Table” and the crowd erupted! It looks like a feud with Roman Reigns is coming!

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