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The Rock Reveals His New Nickname In WWE

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Ahead of tonight’s SmackDown, The Rock posted an 8-minute long promo on social media, where he addressed Cody Rhodes slapping him, getting emotional on RAW & more.

Dwayne Johnson also revealed his new nickname in WWE: The Final Boss.

Rock wrote the following in his post:

“A message from the hottest heel pro wrestling has seen since the 80’s.

Mama Rhodes, you’re now in the Rock’s crosshairs.

Your son’s blood will be on the Rock’s belt, that I will personally deliver to you at WrestleMania.

I’m gonna put a whuppin’ on that boy, in front of his mama – so don’t you go crying in front of the world when I do.

~ People’s Champ


Below are the highlights from the video:

– Professional Wrestling is relevant again, thanks to the “Final Boss” The Rock.

– Rock said Cody Rhodes finally grew some balls to slap him.

– Rock said the world was waiting to hear what Cody Rhodes was going to do after slapping The Great One. But then on RAW, Cody got emotional while talking about his mother. Rock said:

“Are you f**king kidding me? You start f**king crying? That’s how you respond? No wonder all your fans are crybabies.”

Rock then did an imitation of Cody crying and then said shut the f**k up. You can watch this at the 4 minute mark in the video.

– Rock said Cody ain’t giving the Undisputed Title to his mama, because that title will remain around the waist of Roman Reigns. However, Mama Rhodes will get a title handed to her on Night 2 of WrestleMania 40. Rock said he will give his weight belt to her at WrestleMania, which has “Blood, Sweat, Respect” written on it, but the blood part will be covered with Cody’s blood, because he’s going to whoop Cody like a dog and will whoop the pi$$ out of him.

– Rock ended his message by saying the following:

“Cody Rhodes, at WrestleMania, your story is going to end, courtesy of Roman Reigns and courtesy of your nightmare, The Rock – The Final Boss.”

You can watch the complete video below:

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