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The Rock & Steve Austin Speak Out The Truth – Number of Moves Don’t Matter

Most of the fans nowadays count the number of moves of a wrestler and judge him if he is technically sound or not.

However, a Professional Wrestler can not be rated or judged by how many moves he has.

Just look at the History of the sport of professional Wrestling, which clearly tells us that the biggest draws of all time, were never people with that many moves. Pro-Wrestling is based on entertainment, creating drama, facial expressions, selling, telling a story, working a crowd, getting crowds behind you, cutting a great promo, having mic skills, getting emotions out of the audience in the arena and at home.

The problem is that technical skills (or number of moves that a wrestler performs) mean nothing, or otherwise Ring of Honor would be the #1 promotion with TNA second and WWE way behind. Pro-Wrestling is about making money, which a lot of fans fail to realize.

Most of the fans hate John Cena for his “superman” gimmick and some hate him for his move-set consisting of only 5 moves. Many fans hate Hulk Hogan for the same thing. But have you ever wondered how many moves did guys like The Rock & Steve Austin, who are loved by almost everyone, had? Well both Rock and Austin answered it themselves on Twitter.

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