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“The term ‘motherf****rs’ is what would cross my mind pretty regularly” – WWE Hall Of Famer On His Time In WCW

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Below are a couple of top news stories of the day, involving Bret Hart and Donald Trump.

• Bret Hart, never one to mince words, has delivered a scathing critique of his time in WCW as part of the new series “Who Killed WCW?”. The show delves into the downfall of the once-prominent wrestling company, featuring interviews with various wrestling legends, including the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion himself.

In a preview clip shared by the Dark Side of the Ring Twitter account, Hart doesn’t hold back in his assessment of WCW’s management and operations. Reflecting on his tumultuous stint with the company, Hart described the environment as chaotic and filled with incompetence.

“I was a very good witness to the madness that was WCW. I’ve got lots to say about it,” Hart stated. “What a bunch of idiots. Imbeciles. Stupid as it gets. Stupid, clueless idiots. Bunch of clueless nuts. Is there anybody here that’s got any brains? Stupid, stupid, stupid. Every day, every night. So stupid. Just really stupid. The biggest cutthroat bunch of conniving back-stabbing idiots you’ve ever seen in your life.”

Hart’s colorful and unfiltered commentary continues, painting a vivid picture of his frustration and disillusionment with WCW. “That is such bullsh*t. It’s the work of an idiot. Pathetic. Really stupid. Idiots. Are you an idiot? Lost. Idiot. He was the sh*ts. You’ll always be seen as a complete failure. The term ‘motherf**kers’ is what would cross my mind pretty regularly. Thanks for nothing. Go f**k yourselves,” he concluded with a laugh.

You can watch it below:

Bret Hart’s biting remarks are sure to stir interest and controversy as fans and critics alike tune in to “Who Killed WCW?” to gain more insights into the chaotic inner workings that led to the company’s demise.

• Last month, a Manhattan jury found WWE Hall of Famer (Celebrity Wing) Donald Trump guilty on 34 charges of falsifying business records. This landmark decision makes Trump the first former president in American history to be convicted of a felony.

Trump’s conviction is notable not only because he is the first former president to face such a verdict but also because he is the first major-party presidential nominee to be convicted of a crime while actively campaigning for the White House. Should Trump win against President Joe Biden in the upcoming November election, he will also become the first sitting president to be a convicted felon.

Speaking of Trump, he was interviewed by United States Champion Logan Paul recently. This interview will be released on Logan’s Impaulsive podcast tomorrow.

Below is the photo that Logan shared:

Donald Trump WWE United States Champion Logan Paul June 2024

You can check out their face-off below:

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