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The Undertaker Confirmed For WrestleMania 31

WrestleMania 31 poster

WrestleMania 31

As we all know by now, The Undertaker is scheduled to face Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 31, which is only 20 days away. Bray Wyatt made it clear at last month’s FastLane PPV that he wants to face The Undertaker when he said : “At WrestleMania I’ll claim the soul of The Undertaker”. He also referred to himself as the new face of fear.

All the speculation is now over as WWE has confirmed The Undertaker for WrestleMania 31 as he’s there on the latest WrestleMania poster, which was posted by the official WWE NXT page on Facebook (which you can see below).

This will be Undertaker’s 15th match at WrestleMania in a row and his 23rd WrestleMania match overall. For the first time in 25 years, Undertaker’s streak won’t be on the line, but this time his gimmick is on the line as Wyatt claims that Taker has become just like other people. As noted before, Undertaker is expected to return directly at WrestleMania 31, just like he did at WrestleMania 20 at Madison Square Garden.

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