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The Undertaker Offers To Train His Ex-WrestleMania Opponent’s Son

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Declan James McMahon, the 19-year-old son of WWF Legend Shane McMahon, is a college football player at Indiana University, particularly excelling as a running back for the Indiana Hoosiers.

At WrestleMania 32 in 2016, Declan (age 12 at that time) accompanied his father to the ring for the Hell in a Cell encounter against The Undertaker.

During a recent interview with SK Wrestling, The Undertaker ended up offering to train Declan in professional wrestling.

Here’s what The Deadman had to say:

“Declan, come find me. Don’t let your dad train you. Come find me and I’ll train you right.

I tell you what, I do know this from knowing the McMahons, if it’s in his heart and it’s in his mind and if he’s got any of his dad’s genes or his grandfather’s (Vince McMahon’s) genes, if he wants to make it in this industry, he will do well.”

The Undertaker was then asked about a potential future career in politics, to which he replied:

“Politics? No, I have no aspirations at all about getting into politics.

I think my closet’s a little too full of skeletons that would probably come out. They’ve been in there for a while and I plan on keeping them there!”

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