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The Undertaker Reportedly Working 2 Major Events After WrestleMania 34

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• Old School WWF Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF Veteran Adam Bomb (Real name: Bryan Clark) celebrates his 54th birthday today.

He wrestled for the World Wrestling Federation from 1993 till 1995, before joining WCW in 1997 (as Wrath) and staying with the promotion till it was sold to Vince McMahon in March of 2001.

His last major wrestling appearances came when he returned to the WWF in September 2001, with his KroniK Tag Team partner Brian Adams (WWF’s Crush) wrestling against The Brothers of Destruction at the Unforgiven PPV.


• The Undertaker Reportedly Working 2 Major Events After WrestleMania 34

It looks like The Undertaker might be working two major events after WrestleMania 34.

On April 27th, WWE will be doing “The Greatest Royal Rumble” in Saudi Arabia with 50 WWE Superstars being a part of the match.

According to PWInsider, The Undertaker will be appearing at this event in some fashion. No word available as of now if he’ll be working the 50 man Royal Rumble match or not.

WWE is looking to do one of their biggest event of all time in terms of attendance later this year in October at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). The stadium has a capacity of over 100,000 and is the 10th biggest stadium in the world.

An announcement regarding this event (which will most likely be a PPV event) is expected to be made at WrestleMania 34 and WWE is looking to bring in names like The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio & John Cena to make this event special and help in the ticket sales.

By bringing in big names for this event (like The Undertaker), WWE is expecting to break the attendance record for this stadium. The current attendance record in Australia is 56,214, which was for the UFC 193 PPV, which featured current Raw Superstar Ronda Rousey losing in MMA for the first time ever and losing her UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship to Holly Holm.

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