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The Undertaker Reveals Which Match During The 90s Concerned Him The Most

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• The Undertaker Reveals Which Match During The 90s Concerned Him The Most

During an interview with Today, The Undertaker revealed that he was concerned when he was pitched the Inferno Match in the late-90s.

Undertaker competed in two Inferno Matches, both against Kane – one in 1998 and the other in 1999.

Below is what The Lord Of Darkness said about this dangerous match:

“I don’t think I ever really lifted a brow at anything until they got to the Inferno match.

Well, the Hell in a Cell was, that lifted a brow as well but it was to me, I’m kind of going at it as, OK, well, it’s a souped-up cage match. Okay, that’s one thing.

But the Inferno match was the first time that I kind of went, ‘Now, wait a minute (laughs). You’re going to light the ring on fire and we got to get out of the ring and not [burn up].

Yeah. So that was one of probably the first times that was just, I just wanted to know how it was going to be done without us completely burning our flesh completely off our skin or our arms. But even that worked out well.”

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