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The Undertaker Spotted Drinking With Controversial WWF Wrestler In UK

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• OLD SCHOOL HISTORY (April 29, 1990) – WWF Wrestling Challenge

On this day in 1990, the World Wrestling Federation aired an episode of their weekly TV show ‘WWF Wrestling Challenge’.

It was broadcasted from the Syracuse War Memorial in Syracuse, New York and featured pre-taped matches, promos & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WWF SummerSlam 1990’ PPV.

The card can be found right here:

– Dusty Rhodes vs. Scrub

– Mr. Perfect vs. Mario Mancini

– Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Dale Wolfe

– Greg Valentine & The Honky Tonk Man vs. Mark Rear & Joe Sturnam

– The Barbarian vs. Jim McPherson

– The Rockers vs. Sonny Austin & Paul Diamond

– Paul Roma vs. Buddy Rose

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• The Undertaker Spotted Drinking With Controversial WWF Wrestler In UK

According to the Dirty Sheets, The Undertaker was spotted drinking with Old School WWF Veteran Marty Jannetty last night at a hotel bar in UK.

The Undertaker drinking with Marty Jannetty in UK April 2019

While Marty is being blocked in the above photo by the bartender, it’s indeed him and below is another photo of him in the same clothes for confirmation:

Marty Jannetty Brutus Beefcake April 2019

Both Taker & Jannetty are there for a wrestling convention. Taker is going to be there for the rest of the week for his Inside The Ropes signing.

Jannetty hasn’t been seen in good light ever since September 2017, when he made a post on Facebook asking people if it’s okay to sleep with a girl who he once thought was his daughter (according to reports, he didn’t raise the girl, the girl came to him a few years back and claimed she’s his daughter), but then found out she’s not after conducting a DNA test.

Below is what the post (which was later deleted) on Facebook was:

“Just did DNA (2 weeks ago)..she’s NOT my daughter..we both held out of $ex because you don’t do that..but now that we ain’t???? From a guys side.. SHES F****N HOTT..but..she’s been daughter.. I want to too, but can’t get past that..”

Marty Jannetty Gets Bad Press After He Asks If It's Okay To Sleep With His Daughter

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