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“The worst body ever to hold the belt” – Former WWF Champion On CM Punk

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During the latest episode of his Kliq This podcast, Kevin Nash was asked what Vince McMahon & Triple H should tell CM Punk if he asks to come back to WWE, after he was fired from AEW recently.

Below is what the former WWF Champion said:

“Sorry, dude. He’s already put himself on the mantle right next to The Ultimate Warrior. Go shake the ropes buddy. You’re punching Luke Perry’s son. You’re lucky f**king old man Spelling ain’t around. He’d have you f**king murdered. What’s the upside? Get the f**k out of here. There’s no upside.

To go back, can we say something first that hasn’t been addressed? How about f**king a round of applause for f**king AEW and Tony for f**king putting 80,000 seats in Wembley, for the f**king crew that went out there, including Punk and Joe, went out there and f**king had a hell of a f**king show top to bottom.

My biggest f**king thing is instead of that f**king being a monumental f**king moment for that company, I mean, what comes out on Monday is the CM Punk story. That’s sh*t’s on top of that whole, I mean, Jericho did a job for Ospreay.

I mean like, come on, man. Like, all the sh*t that happened that night and all the work that was put into it and no one is talking about the card. Then you ask me f**king if they should bring Punk in?

Oh yeah, that’s exactly what I want is to put f**king 90,000 people in the SoCal Arena over two nights at WrestleMania and then f**king come Monday morning, have the f**king talk be about some co*ksucker who’s probably got one of the seven worst bodies ever to f**king hold the belt, if not the worst body ever to hold the belt.

And I don’t give a f**k if you’re straight edge or whatever the f**k you are, there’s some f**king natural guys in this f**king world that actually have some f**king muscle.”

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