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“There is no war” – AEW Legend On WWE NXT vs. Dynamite

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AEW Coach & Rampage Personality Mark Henry appeared on Booker T’s Hall of Fame podcast and talked about WWE NXT defeating AEW Dynamite in the ratings war.

Henry said AEW is not trying to compete with WWE and they only went head to head with NXT on Tuesday because they were preempted on Wednesday that week.

Below is what the 2018 WWE Hall of Famer said:

“There is no war. You know what the war is? The war is the ratings in your segment. Do people turn the channel to another channel when you’re on? When $exual Chocolate was on or the World’s Strongest Man or Hall of Pain, they didn’t turn the channel, and you could turn. You could put me with some of the best. When Booker T was King Booker they didn’t turn the channel.

So, that’s where the war is. The war is in the segments and the individuals. But, if I’m WWE I don’t wanna be on the same night as AEW, because I want all the attention. If I’m AEW I’m not going to move my show to a night that WWE is on unless I’m preempted.

That’s the point of AEW on a Tuesday, because we had to. It’s not like ‘oh, we’re gonna go pi$$ in their Corn Flakes.’ That’s not what we did.

I’m telling you, man it’s not a war. A lot of the reason things happen is because programming notes with the networks.

That’s the only way that you should be in the conversation about going on the same night. You got 7 days a week.”

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