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There’s No Chance Of RAW Star Working A Marigold Event After WWE Opens The Forbidden Door

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Below are a couple of top WWE news stories of the day.

• The collaboration between Marigold and WWE is set to continue at the upcoming Summer Destiny show in Japan. This partnership, which began thanks to the efforts of Giulia, a star loyal to STARDOM founder Rossy Ogawa, has seen significant talent exchanges between the promotions.

Giulia, who became a major star in STARDOM under Ogawa’s guidance before transitioning to WWE, will face former WWE NXT star Sareee at the event on July 13th. Adding to the excitement, it has been announced that former WWE Women’s Champion IYO SKY will return to Japan to wrestle Utami Hayashishita.

Utami Hayashishita vs IYO SKY Marigold Summer Destiny 2024

The Wrestling Observer noted that IYO SKY would be the only WWE star appearing at the Summer Destiny show, and that there’s no chance of Asuka working a Marigold event due to her issues with Ogawa:

“They promised to help, and so that’s the July 13th Summerhall show. She’s facing Utami Hayashishita on the same show that Giulia and Sareee are scheduled as the main event. The last I heard, Giulia was saying she was going to do this match. So you know, I mean, she did have surgery. It’s going to be a close call. But right now, that’s the double-main event.

And it’s only IYO SKY. I had heard earlier in the week that there might be other people coming from WWE to the show, but as far as the Marigold people know, it is IYO coming from WWE on this first show.

So the idea is they’re going to be doing I think that the basic battle plan for Marigold is four big shows a year. You know, like at arenas like Sumo Hall, and those are the shows that they would like to get WWE talent, you know, Kairi Sane because the ones that Rossy gets along with, I mean, Asuka, no, Asuka hates Rossy, so she’ll never go there. But just get talent, women’s talent from WWE on the big shows.”

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• AJ Styles will challenge Cody Rhodes for the WWE Championship one more time, this time in an “I Quit” match at this Saturday’s Clash At The Castle PLE in Scotland.

So far in his career, Styles has competed in 3 “I Quit” matches in TNA and he won all 3 of those, which were against Booker T, Tommy Dreamer and Christopher Daniels.

AJ Styles I Quit Matches TNA WWE

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