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“There’s something that’s going to happen in AEW that will change my life 100%” – Arn Anderson

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• “There’s something that’s going to happen in AEW that will change my life 100%” – Arn Anderson

On an episode of Arn Anderson’s weekly podcast with Conrad Thompson, the former Four Horsemen member talked about various topics, such as which team he would have wanted to manage in AEW, as well as working with his old rival Dusty Rhodes’ son, Cody Rhodes.

Here’s what Arn had to say:

“There’s some good teams out there, obviously FTR are doing just fine with Tully, that was a very good selection.

I had thought for a long long time about managing those guys but good for them.

To be perfectly honest with you, there’s something that’s going to be happening I hope pretty soon on AEW and we’ll keep that close to the vest.

It will change my life 100% and it will change that individual’s life 100%.

As far as building a new tag team for the future, that may be the first building block and we’ll just sit on that for now. There are some plans in the works.

I will say something, coaching Cody has been a great experience for me, it’s not always fun as he will tell you, having an old bastard like me chewing his a$$ out for something he thought wasn’t a big deal probably is new to his world.

When he asked me to come in that’s what I told him, I’m not a ‘yes man’.

That’s going just well, doesn’t need to be fixed right now. It’s just evolving. We’ll see about that team thing.

If you give me that leeway down the road, I think it will be worth your wait.”

The above mentioned FTR is former WWE Tag Team “The Revival”, who clearly adapted the old 1988-1989 Brain Busters gimmick when they started teaming up in NXT and have kept the gimmick alive ever since, even after jumping ship to All Elite Wrestling in 2020.

The original Brain Busters were Arn Anderson himself and his Four Horsemen buddy Tully Blanchard, who in 1988 left Jim Crockett Promotions (thus also left the Horsemen) together, right before Ted Turner bought it, and joined Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Federation, where they were managed by Bobby “The Brain” Heenan.

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